This is the home for Conversation With My Kids. A new podcast that aims to just talk with my family about being a family.

I have 2 children, and I thought that as they are growing up it might be nice to have a record of their thoughts and opinions to look back on.

The frequency of episodes here may not fit a traditional podcast model. So at the moment I can’t promise every Monday, or the first Tuesday of the month will have a new episode but I hope there will be one each month. While they are still young (and talking to me) it is about their interests in participating with this and not a forced activity. If you would like to support us please do so on Patreon. Then I can buy them sweets as a bribe, I think you will see this become a daily live stream if they get that many sweets/cakes/chocolate……

I hope you like what we produce, it may be funny, it may be sad but most likely it will just be sort of a (un)controlled exercise in noise production.


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